Because your home should look loved in, not lived in.

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We are Katie and Christopher, a couple from Austin who share a passion for interior design, renovation, and real estate. We met thanks to a shared yoga class and after months of dating, we embarked on our first adventure together and bought a home.

Our first home was less than 1,000 square feet and boasted 2 bedrooms and 1 huge bathroom on nearly a quarter acre lot. We bought a true fixer upper. Everything was original to the 1980’s build from the cabinetry, the laminate countertops, all the way down to the carpet padding. With Christopher’s big vision and my eagerness to get my hands dirty, we completed majority of the renovation in 4 weeks. It didn’t come without hiccups and speed bumps, but we persevered on our first project together. The results were, and still are, incredible.

Lucky for us, Christopher and I have very similar design taste. This helped push our project along without one of us making major compromises. We made the home feel large, open, fresh, and beautiful with thoughtfully curated design. We are attracted to art, gallery walls, plants, and light colors.

We are extremely proud of our first project together and poured our blood, sweat, and tears into the home. This is the same love and passion we bring to every project whether it be design ideas, staging, or a full renovation. We love everything mid-century and mold that design style with modern and southwestern tones. Our goal is to make your home look loved in, not lived in.

To see more of our work, click through our portfolio.

We want to be part of your next big adventure.

With love,
Katie + Christopher